Бажаємо гарних свят (мовою оригіналу)

Генеральний директор компанії "Фармак" Філя Іванівна Жебровська привітала колег, партнерів, споживачів, акціонерів зі святами.

Farmak’s Employees Help the Orphaned Children

In December, 2012 Farmak’s employees participated in the charity campaign. They gathered the things for the orphaned children. Thanks to their joint efforts there have been gathered about 350 units of winter things (hats, mufflers, mittens, socks etc.).

The name of the dermatological drug Mometasone was changed to Moleskin

Farmak has changed the name of Mometasone (active ingredient: mometasone furoate), a drug for treatment of skin allergies, to Moleskin. The medication is available in the form of cream and ointment.

Name of the glaucoma treatment drug Timolol was changed to Oftimol

Farmak has changed the name of the anti-glaucoma drug Timolol (active ingredient: Timolol maleate) to Oftimol.

Farmak JSC defends the right to manufacture Chondrasil

Farmak JSC, the leading pharmaceutical company in Ukraine, has defended the right to manufacture Chondrasil.

The Pectolvan line of cough medicine now features a new Pectolvan Phyto form

Pectolvan Phyto, a universal cough medicine for adults is now available in two volumes: 25 ml and 50 ml.

Tropicamide now requires name-specific and quantitative accounting

Drugs marketed under international unpatented name Tropicamide are now listed as medications requiring name-specific and quantitative accounting at healthcare institutions.

Filya Zhebrovska spoke at the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum

Farmak General Director Filya Zhebrovska spoke at the V Annual International Conference of the Adam Smith Institute ‘Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Forum’ held on 15-17 October 2012 at Intercontinental Hotel.

No-Sol has received a package of new design

Farmak has redesigned the packaging of No-Sol, a drug for treatment of nasal cavity diseases. No-Sol nasal spray 0.65% (10 ml) and No-Sol nasal drops for children 0.65% (10 ml) will now be sold in renovated packaging.