Farmak recognized the Best Exporter of 2015

Farmak was recognized as the best exporter in the category "Production of Basic Drugs and Pharmaceuticals. Large Enterprises."

First Book Written By Locals Presented in Kyiv

On December 11, a unique for Ukraine book "To Live. Understanding Kyiv” was presented at the Column Hall of Kyiv City State Administration. Its authors were old residents of the capital city, who shared their memories of Kyiv in 30-90-s of the last century. The event was supported by the Department of Culture of Kyiv City State Administration and the Red Cross Society of Podil District in Kyiv.

Foster Grandchildren: Ukraine implements a social project aimed at social involvement of long-livers

Number of long-living persons in the state is an important indicator of social well-being. It is not only an important market of social standards, but also a valuable source of information about past events. According to the State Statistics Committee, 1,438,621 persons over 80 years reside in Ukraine in 2015.

Farmak held the second Family Olympics in Shostka

Farmak JSC, Ukrainian manufacturer of medicines, leader in pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, for the second year in a row took the initiative to organize of the Family Olympics in Shostka. The sports day became one of the signature moments of the City Day celebration held on 3 September 2014.

Farmak launched a social project “Foster grandchildren” to mark its 90th anniversary

This year, Farmak Company, the leader of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, celebrates its 90th anniversary. For so many years, we help people maintain their health and live as long as possible, that is why we wish to hold our celebration symbolically together with the people who have attained the same age, as the Company reached.

Farmak brought Lipster, a new brand product for Herpes treatment, to the market

Farmak JSC extended its product line with Lipster, a new brand product for treatment of labial and facial herpes. The medicinal product is manufactured in 5% cream (5 mg) dosage form.

Farmak Team scored victory in EBA Football Tournament

Farmak Team scored a victory in Football Tournament Business vs. Government, held 18-19 July on the football field of National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine. The Tournament was arranged by the European Business Association (EBA).

Farmak launched Nalbuk pain reliever into market

Farmak JSC added Nalbuk, a drug for treatment of pain syndrome, to its product portfolio. The new drug is manufactured in the form of solution for injection in 1 or 2 ml ampoule No. 5 or 1 ml syringe No. 5.