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Lesfal vit (1)
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Dietary supplement

Lesfal vit


Inclusion in the diet of a combination of soy phospholipids with artichoke and radish extracts in combination with vitamins B1, B2 and B6 promotes:

  • restoration of damaged liver cells;
  • stabilization of bile composition, acceleration of regeneration and stabilization of cell membranes;
  • suppression of peroxide oxidation of lipids;
  • indirectly reducing the influence of immune responses on liver cells;
  • normalize the ratio of cholesterol / phospholipids to bile and increase cholesterol solubility;
  • lowering the level of total cholesterol and maintaining the optimal level of lipoprotein in serum;
  • transporting cholesterol to the liver and creating conditions for activating the liver enzymes;
  • normalization of urine formation and urination.


Oral application

For adults and children 10 years old

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