Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved Eco-school study manual

This manual is designed for schoolchildren of 2 to 10 grades and teachers of nature study subjects. It includes key and important environmental issues facing the world today.

Ten Kyiv schools joined Farmak’s “EcoSchool” project

Farmak JSC expanded the borders of its environmental project “EcoSchool” by involving 10 schools of Kyiv.

Students of schools in Podilsky district of Kyiv became participants of the “EcoSchool” project. Its intended duration is 9 months.

A unique manual that embraces the most crucial and important issues the world faces today has been developed for students. This manual has already been submitted for approval to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Studying in the “EcoSchool”, students will obtain new knowledge about environmental problems, ways to address them and principles of project management.

After obtaining the required theoretical and practical knowledge, students will develop ECO-projects for their schools. The best of them will receive mini-grants from Farmak JSC for their implementation.

Farmak JSC implemented a long-term information and educational project “Eco School”.

As part of the project, students of 8th-11th grades attended an educational course on global theoretical environmental issues and learned how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The best projects aimed at addressing the environmental problems of a particular school received mini-grants from Farmak JSC for their implementation. The company involved ‘Let’s do it, Ukraine’ to participate in the project.

The final meeting of the project participants and organizers was held on October 11. The jury consisting of representatives from the education department, the winning schools, Farmak JSC and NGO ‘Let’s do it, Ukraine’ visited the winning schools and saw how the projects were implemented.