High quality medicine for everyone

We produce more than 20 new drugs each year, improving the quality of people's lives.

Quality and innovation for you and your health

Farmak produces original and generic medicine for Ukraine and more than 20 countries in Europe and the CIS countries.

Career opportunities

Stability and social guarantees for employees.

Leader of the Industry since 2010

Quality and innovation.
Success of Farmak is based on People.

Farmak PJSC

JSC «Farmak»

A Ukrainian manufacturer complying with European standards. Since 2010 Farmak is the leader of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine and the largest exporter of medicine thanks to product quality and innovation.

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Highest quality system

By purchasing our medicines you can be assured of their quality, safety and efficiency. To do this, the pharmaceutical quality system has been established, implemented and constantly improved in accordance with current regulatory requirements and in accordance with world standards.

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Special project

Series 9: Benefits of vertical farms: innovative “beds” …

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Volodymyr Kostiuk

Executive Director

Investing in the Future

Our path is a sustainable development, implementation of innovative solutions in management and production processes, continuous movement and ongoing improvement. This path led us to the leadership in 2010 and we have retained our leadership positions since then. Yet, we do not stop even for a minute: we think, predict and plan. The step of our planning is 5-10 years. This is the only option for a pharmaceutical company manufacturing generic drugs, as it takes about 4-6 years to develop a drug.

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