Policy of JSC Farmak regarding quality and safety, pharmacovigilance, power management, occupational health and safety and environmental protection

JSC Farmak is a leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry in the development, manufacturing and supply of high-quality, effective and safe medicinal products, medical devices and dietary supplements.

The implementation, support and continuous improvement of the integrated business management system based on Good Pharmaceutical Practices (GxP), international standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, the current regulatory documents applicable to the Company’s activities and the UN Global Compact Goals are the key to success and recognition of the Company at the national and international levels.

The top management of JSC Farmak, being aware of its responsibility for the Company’s activities, products and services and their impact on consumers, customers, employees of the Company and other stakeholders, as well as on the environment and use of power resources, assumes the obligations which are the basis for setting goals in all areas of the integrated business management system:

to meet the legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to all Company’s activities, products and services;
to apply a risk-oriented approach to all systems, processes, products and services of the Company;
to ensure continuous improvement of the integrated business management system, using clear performance and effectiveness indicators;
to introduce measures to prevent pollution and mitigate negative impact on the environment, to promote and develop environmental responsibility and conscious consumption of natural resources;
to ensure traceability and data integrity through the use of modern information technologies;
to ensure the necessary competence, awareness and involvement of personnel at all levels of the Company;
to ensure the availability of resources required for business support and development;
to maintain clear and transparent external and internal communication processes;
to meet the needs and expectations of consumers, customers, Company’s personnel and other stakeholders;
to ensure a continuous process of evaluating the information on safe use (benefit/risk ratio) of all medicinal products and medical devices throughout their life cycle;
to create safe working conditions, eliminate hazards and mitigate risks for human health and life, to prevent the occurrence of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases;
to continuously improve power performance by improving technological processes, introducing power-efficient technologies and using power-efficient equipment;
to implement innovations in all activities.

The understanding, maintenance and implementation of the Policy by all employees will ensure the Company’s sustainable development, reputation of a responsible business and a reliable partner for the sake of human health as the main goal.