5 school projects will be implemented as part of the Eco-School


Another academic year at the Eco-School has come to an end. The students studied the topics of energy conservation, climate change, biodiversity, etc. and learned the basics of project management. Students who completed the full course prepared their own projects for their schools. Traditionally, Farmak that has launched the project awards the graduates and gives mini-grants to implement the best ideas. This year 5 projects will be implemented in different parts of Ukraine.

“Another academic year has come to an end for the students. The holidays and the implementation of school applications are ahead. We are delighted that dozens of students have received new knowledge and will be able to apply it by implementing their own ideas. Recuperators, solar panels, environmental labs, fountains will be installed in schools, due to the efforts of the students. The ideas they came up with and we supported. “We believe that the small victories of our students today will inspire them to expand their ideas in the future,” says Yevheniia Piddubna, Director of Corporate Communications at JSC Farmak.

Farmak launches strategic partnership with Kyiv School of Economics


USD 500,000 to be provided by the Company will be used for the development of KSE (Kyiv School of Economics) to improve education in Ukraine.

The pharmaceutical company Farmak will provide KSE with monetary funds to equip the training rooms and areas of the new campus, as well as to develop existing and launch new majors, in particular, in the bachelor’s degree program.

“The development of education and society as a whole is impossible without investments by businesses. Our well-being and future depend on the level of the country’s intellectual capacity. By supporting such projects, we make our contribution to the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals, which in particular are aimed at improving the quality of higher education and ensuring its close connection with science,” said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Chief Executive Officer of JSC Farmak.

Farmak supports not only KSE, but also other higher educational institutions and educational initiatives: Junior Academy of Sciences, publication of the book about Ukrainian scientists “Bude tobi nauka: ukrainski vcheni, yaki zminiuiut svit” (That’s science for you: Ukrainian scientists changing the world), Eco-School.


Farmak to join the World’s Largest Lesson


On April, 18, the World’s Largest Lesson was launched in Ukraine. This initiative is aimed at spreading information about the Sustainable Development Goals among young people and increasing their interest in solving the global challenges of humanity. This year 100 countries have joined the project.

3,000 people (approximately), both schoolchildren and students, are expected to participate in the learning activities. This project encourages young people to be active, take responsibility and develop leadership skills.