Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a special manufacturing practice, which allows customers to place orders for product manufacture in a specialized company with the necessary equipment, technology and qualified personnel.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, we have a wide and diverse research team that brings a great depth of knowledge and experience. Having hundreds of own products in the market, Farmak is constantly investing in its facilities and resources, striving for achieving the highest degree of quality, compliance and advanced technology. JSC Farmak has great experience of collaboration with the European and Ukrainian companies in the contract manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished medicinal products. We guarantee high industry standards and quality along with profound experience and excellent know-how in the industry. We offer a full range of services in the contract manufacturing: expertise and individual solutions for each stage to optimize the cost of products.

We offer

Contract manufacturing (in accordance with our dossier or the dossier of the customer on the product) in different dosage forms

Depending on the dosage forms of medicinal products, they are packed using the manufacturing equipment of the company into ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes, blisters, blister packs, sachets, tubes and other types of primary packaging.

Moreover, when you have decided on the primary container for each product, we can help with the design of the packaging and with secondary packaging and labelling, as well as with the requirements for the specialization of logistics, including transportation safety. Consider us as a supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with 95 years of experience in this area.

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