1. Report the incident

This system allows for confidential reporting of violations or possible violations and incidents, including labour law violations, information on corruption offences, labour and environmental law violations, disclosure of confidential information, theft or use of the Company’s property for personal purposes, harassment (sexual harassment), discrimination (on any grounds), violence in the workplace, use of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances in the workplace, etc.

JSC Farmak encourages an open dialogue with the employees and business partners regarding violations/possible violations of its policies and procedures, as well as any applicable regulations. You can report online or call Trust line on this page. We guarantee that all reports will be treated confidentially. None of the phone calls are tracked. We will take all possible measures to protect the employees and/or business partners who will report violations.

2. Describe the incident

Specify details of the incident

If possible, specify the time, date, location and persons involved.

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Specify the location of the incident

Specify the department or unit where the incident took place or whose employees are responsible for the incident

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Specify the time of the incident

Photos or files

If you have any documents or photos related to the report, send them to us in electronic format.

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Incident participants

Indicate who was involved in the incident (or has information about the incident)

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