Farmak employees joined the campaign dedicated to World Down Syndrome Day


As part of the campaign dedicated to World Down Syndrome Day, Farmak employees managed to raise 45,000 UAH. Funds were raised through the purchase of colorful socks, which are part of an international action in solidarity for this date. It is simple to join in: you need to wear socks of different colours. They symbolize an unpaired chromosome – and, in addition to a gesture of support, they also make you feel a little part of how it is to be different from the majority. The rejection of people with Down syndrome by society is one of the biggest problems in their normal life.

All funds raised will be directed to families raising children with this syndrome.

We hope that our joint actions will help overcome the prejudices of people with Down syndrome so that they have the opportunity to realize themselves and feel like an equal part of society.

The Farmak team joined the Kyiv Unbroken Half Marathon


Yesterday in Kyiv half-marathon of invincibility took place. An important event for athletes and all concerned Ukrainians. The event brought together thousands of experienced athletes and novice runners in one place. All for the sake of a charitable goal, namely, to raise funds for the purchase of tourniquets for the Hospitallers medical battalion.

The Farmak team also took part. Even our colleague from Uzbekistan joined, he ran the marathon in his hometown to support the Ukrainians.

In total, our team ran 220 kilometers and donated 28,000 hryvnias to charity.

Farmak team ran 300 kilometers for charity


Last weekend, a charity run “United by Courage: Save a Life” was held. The run had a goal to raise funds for ambulances.

Our colleagues joined the event and ran for a good cause from different parts of the country. Each participant chose a feasible distance: from the 1 to the 21 kilometers. Thanks to common efforts, it was possible to cover more than 300 kilometers and transfer 29,000 hryvnias for cars for Ukrainian medical workers.

Free medical care: Farmak brought doctors and medicines to the de-occupied territories

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On December 10, another group of “Mobile Doctors” visited the territory liberated from the russian occupier. This time, the clinic on wheels arrived in the village of Kyiinka, Chernihiv region. Local residents were able to undergo a free examination, pass the necessary tests in a mobile laboratory and receive medicines. The project was organized with the support of the pharmaceutical company Farmak.