Pharmacovigilance Department

For us, one of the key tasks is to provide consumers with high quality, effective and safe medicines, the benefits of which exceed the potential risks. To monitor the safety and effectiveness of our medicines, we have established a Pharmacovigilance department.

When detecting side effects, our specialists are looking for the cause of their occurrence, and also do everything they need to minimize and prevent the occurrence of side effects in the future.

We will be grateful for providing any information on the detection of atypical manifestations or side effects, or the lack of efficiency in the use of medicines of our production.

Information provided by you is strictly confidential and is not subject to disclosure, except in cases established by law.

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All fields are required, in case if some information is not known to you, it is necessary to specify it in the corresponding field.

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Suspected adverse reaction

Unknown The phenomenon continues
DeathThreat to lifeHospitalization of an outpatient patientExtension of hospitalizationLong-term disability, disabilityBirth defectsAnother important medical evaluationNone of the aboveUnknown

Means of correction of a side effect / lack of efficiency

Cancellation of the suspect drug
Changing the dosage regime of a suspected medicinal product (decrease / increase, indicate how much)
Reassignment of the suspect drug
Correction of SE / LE was not carried out Medicinal Correction SE / LE (mark the drug, dosage regimen, duration of appointment)
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