Global research of the genuine drug Amizon

An investment in the International Standards evidence database. The molecule was created by the Soviet Union scientists.

Development of “Efial” – a complex of biological origin.

Creation of a  biological product using liposomal technology. New ways of delivering drugs.

Manufacturing insulin using Lilly (US) technology. “Farmasulin”

The first American pharmaceutical technology on the Ukrainian market. Transferring insulin production technology using vials and cartridges.

Research on bioequivalence

Unique philosophy of product development among Ukrainian companies. Farmak guarantees quality of produced products

Using biotechnology

“Farmak” is focused on production of innovative biotechnological products. A unique biotechnological laboratory allows to work for the future and keep the established position on the market.

Innovative R&D laboratories

Investment in research. Continuous laboratory modernization. Equipped with modern research equipment for product creation and improvement

Development of own substances (API)

Unique vertical integration for Ukraine. JSC “Farmak” `s portfolio today features about 20 substances and the same amount is in process of development. Investments in modern production and laboratories that meet international quality standards  and comply in environmental aspects.

Production of X-ray contrast agents

Farmak is the only company in the CIS and Eastern Europe with a wide range of X-ray contrast products. The first full cycle product implementation for the European market:  from development according to ICH standards to production according to EU GMP requirements.

Grant “Horizon- 2020”

From 2017 Farmak is a participant of two programs Horizon-2020, VAHVISTUS and ORBIS in Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE).This is a unique opportunity to study new developments in the EU scientific laboratories.

Farmak technopark

Farmak is 7 hectares of concentrated innovations and technologies, which form the arsenal of the modern pharmaceutical industry. Technology and people are the most valuable assets of Farmak.