Denys Krestov

Information Technology Director

May 05, 2021

Everything we do now is focused on achieving “self-conscious”, autonomous manufacturing

Digital maturity of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies consists of five stages. First (or initial) stage involves the implementation of basic digital technologies for automation of elementary “manual” processes. Fifth is the highest possible level that involves full digital integration of all processes in added value creation chain: from a raw material supplier to a patient. All processes are controlled in real time mode, and autonomous self-adjustment systems are installed at this level.

Today Farmak is ranked at very high level, although not the fifth one yet. The transparent reporting, budgeting, manufacture planning, sales, document flow as well as personnel evaluation and training systems were introduced a few years ago. Since we are focused on deep digitalization processes on an industrial scale, we gradually switch to electronic certificates of quality, electronic study records, electronic dossiers, e-serialization of products etc.

30 physical and more than 150 virtual platforms that support business applications operate every day due to the System Administration Department. It is an engineering core that manages the data centre, servers and networks.

Laboratory digitalization at Farmak is powerful. In particular, the laboratory information management system has been implemented, which automates incoming and outgoing control as well as a significant number of processes of the Quality Control Department. This has contributed to decreasing the level of using paper, what is also quite positive and environmentally friendly, and accelerating operators’ work.

We have also launched the centralized chromatography (analytical technique for separating a mixture of substances) management system which includes data collection, analysis, and management of chromatography devices. This ensures transparency, reliability and exclusion of the human factor while making a decision about product quality and conformity.

Our new, ultra-modern in all aspects, aseptic production unit of injectable medicinal products will be launched very soon. Automated lines integrated into information systems make it possible to analyse the technological process critical parameters. In the future, such data will be integrated into electronic batch records. This reduces error probability, eliminates the human factor impact on the manufacturing process and product quality in general.


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