Natalia Symonets

Head of the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Site

Jun 21, 2019

Farmak in Shostka: care about environment


The API Manufacturing Department minimizes its direct and indirect environmental impact in accordance with the Environmental Management System (EMS) covering the following areas:



The API Manufacturing Department is engaged in manufacturing of active pharmaceutical substances (main active substance in medicinal products). The manufacturing of such pharmaceuticals is based on organic synthesis. Therefore, this process cannot be implemented without new and modern systems of environmental protection against harmful effects of chemicals. Due to the introduced air and water purification systems, a degree of purification is 85-99%.



Farmak cares about the health of its employees. If the employees need to come into contact with harmful substances, they are provided with all necessary means of personal protection. The Company does not cause any harm to the inhabitants of Shostka. The sanitary protection zone is observed: distance to the nearest residential area is exactly the same as prescribed by the legislation. Moreover, the Company does not exceed the level of allowable emissions –contaminated air undergoes several stages of purification before it is released into the atmosphere.



Farmak uses modern equipment which makes it possible to reach a degree of air purification at the level of 95-99%. The Company has installed the systems of such well-known European brands as MVB and GEA. These filtration systems were designed to clear the air released into the environment by the facilities from solid and gaseous emissions.

The air is purified in the filtration (gas treatment) units in three stages: at the first stage, F7 class pocket filters capture the solid particles with effectiveness of at least 90%. At the second and the third stages, activated carbon absorbs gaseous emissions on its surface with effectiveness of 70-90%, depending on the composition and content of the substances in the gas mixture. Filtration units of GEA and DencoHappel (Germany), Klima-Service (Czech Republic) are equipped with exhaust ventilation systems. They are operated and maintained in accordance with the manuals for ventilation systems and gas treatment units.

The gas scrubbers of MVB OPAVA CZ s.r.o. (Czech Republic) are used to clean the vapors from the process equipment of Workshop No. 6. This equipment is designed for absorption and separation of contaminated exhaust gases, condensation of harmful vapors and capture of solid particles in gases.


Industrial wastewater is generated during manufacturing of active pharmaceutical substances as a result of washing of process lines and equipment, washing of working clothes, preparation of purified water and other processes. As the Company manufactures API, such wastewater contains large concentrations of pollutants of organic and inorganic nature, therefore they are considered as highly concentrated. But before water gets into the sewage system of Shostka, and to the basins of Desna and Dnipro, it is cleaned and becomes environmentally safe.

The wastewater treatment process line was developed and installed by AQUAFLOT (Slovakia) in 2015 and it was launched in the following year. The following stages of wastewater treatment are implemented quickly and effectively using the state-of-the-art equipment:

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