Head of Primary Trade Union Organization of JSC Farmak

Jan 20, 2020

Proper working conditions, protection of rights and freedoms for all employees

The main purpose of the trade union is to foster the creation of proper working conditions for all employees, the protection of their rights and freedoms. At Farmak, we strive to make people want to work for us, and we do our best for that.

Sometimes there are situations when people do not understand what the function of a trade union organization is and what it relies on in its work. So, we explain that we work in accordance with the Articles of Association, which stipulate where and for what needs the funds are directed.

In addition to visible benefits for the employees, that is, buying gifts for the New Year or healthcare and treatment, we are actively developing programmes, laws that will protect the employees at all levels, in various sectors. It is important to pay attention to the education of the employees so that they knew their rights and required the employer to respect them.

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