Denys Krestov

Director of Information Technology

Mar 04, 2020

The art of information management

The development of a modern company is impossible without effective digital solutions. The System Administration Department ensures the functioning of 30 physical and more than 150 virtual platforms that support operation of business applications. It is the engineering core that manages the data centre, servers and networks. We solve dozens of challenges every day to ensure the smooth operation of all systems. Sometimes it may take a few minutes to solve a problem, and large projects may continue for a year involving development of architecture, documentation, regulatory procedures, etc. The employees of the System Administration Department are responsible for the modernization of server systems and data storage systems; qualification of platforms during validation of a particular system; communication system adjustment, power increase; automation of data collection from laboratory devices. The Cybersecurity Division, in its turn, develops security techniques, creates the relevant tools, tracks all issues related to potential threats or incidents, etc.

The Department employees have been constantly involved in implementation of various projects, there have been a lot of them and the list is constantly growing. The important ones include: launch of serialization system; preparation for FDA inspection; investigation of viral incidents. Moreover, the project for the quality control laboratory has been implemented: the Department experts, together with the employees of the QCD, have launched the centralized chromatography management system.

The Company strictly adheres to GMP requirements. Our Department also applies the Good Manufacturing Practices. In 2012, Farmak was one of the first in Ukraine to launch the IT infrastructure GMP qualification project. It was implemented in cooperation with the Italian company. This project allowed understanding of how important it is to implement information technology, quality system and processes.

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