Svitlana Pogrebna

Head of the Bidding Department of JSC “Farmak”

Jul 24, 2020

Ukrainian companies got used to working in a crisis

The Ukrainian companies have been operated in an unstable environment since independence. Every business knows how to behave in a crisis, what needs to be strengthened or weakened, and what analysis should be made. Now we have to deal with a “test”.

Having experience of working during the crisis, everyone may get the necessary tools which were used. They make it possible not only to survive but also to find an effective way out of the crisis.

Everybody says: because of the crisis, companies need to be changed. I think we need to set priorities differently. Earlier, purchasers could afford themselves to make a quarterly market analysis. But now we have to monitor the situation every day. Companies change their positions, increase or decrease their activity — this needs to be monitored.

Every procurement centre has critical contracts. We monitor them every day if necessary. This depends on the raw materials remaining at the warehouse.

The basic rules of supply and demand were not changed. We may find new tools during the crisis, but so far we use proven ones. Negotiations are of great importance now. But they have changed. Face-to-face conversations are almost impossible to organise, so we cannot rely on emotions. Thus we need to become more experienced, smarter, more prepared.

Now we cannot make others interested due to our charm or convince them with a smile. We must convince with our own words for making things clear and understandable.

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