Director of Security

Nov 27, 2019

What you need to know about corporate security at Farmak.

Mr. DENYSENKO, you have been heading the Security Service of Farmak for 9 months and you have assumed this office as widely experienced in corporate security.

In fact, it’s been 21 years exactly since I have been engaged in this area. I have had experience in creating security systems at large companies. I was pleased to accept the offer to work at Farmak in order to introduce the state-of-the-art innovative security systems. Farmak is a dynamically improving company, so I want all its employees to be securely protected.

Could you please tell what you mean by “guarantee corporate security”?

My colleagues and I found out that this notion includes at least 24 different aspects. It is a comprehensive range of measures aimed at maintaining business processes, tangible assets, information and securing confidential data, protecting economic interests, investigating incidents, checking compliance with the requirements of the current legislation, etc. In general, corporate security is aimed at making the people and the company as a whole feel as protected.

How to ensure such protection?

The assessment of the risks that the Company may face and their prevention are the primary measures. What’s most important is to have information and to know everything about potential internal and external threats. The Director of Security’s Service mainly deals with economic, information and personnel security. Undoubtedly, the physical and technical protection of the facilities is being also improved. For example, the territory of the company in Kyiv is under constant video surveillance, unauthorized people are prevented from free access to office premises, security personnel constantly improves the physical security methods, etc.

Could you name any threats in Ukraine that are especially relevant today?

There are many of them. Since we are the leaders of the pharmaceutical market, we are a major focus of interest for ill-wishers, and what I can mention are numerous attempts of hacking attacks. There are many economic risks such as the inability of some contractors, declaring their capabilities, to perform the work ordered or to supply quality materials.

Unfortunately, dissemination of untrustworthy information in mass media on the activities of companies, individuals, etc., has become a widespread method of combating competitors in Ukraine.

Such information results in further negative consequences for business such as inspections, court decisions, commencement of proceedings, etc.


Are these areas of top priority?

It would be wrong to single out and to focus all attention on a particular area among all security strategies. The security system is effective when it ensures a comprehensive approach and considers absolutely all aspects. The work of the security personnel may remain unnoticed by most employees of the Company. The lack of negative conflicts, consequences, risks, business continuity are the result of the systematic, quality, effective operation of the security system without much promoting.

Methods, forms of protection are constantly updated and are usually unnoticed. Could you give any example?

Those numerous procedures recently implemented in the Company include, for example, the Anti-Crisis Committee established to act in the event of an emergency. Hopefully, its solutions will never be used, but we all have to know how to act in case of danger.

We pay much attention to the protection of trade secret and confidential information, without interfering with the day-to-day activities and the exchange of relevant information.

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