Viktoria Kondrashykhina

HR Director at JSC “Farmak”

Dec 11, 2019

Excellence and development opportunities for the staff at Farmak

Farmak is the company that brings together top professionals and experts and has been a leader of the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine for 10 years.

We are a social partner for our employees and provide opportunities for their development. Farmak employees are paid competitive and reported salaries, which are reviewed annually based on international salary reviews. The salary at the company has increased 2.5 times over the past five years. But competitive remuneration is not enough to retain high-skilled specialists.

In my opinion, it is much more important to create the conditions for the development and motivation of the employees to achieve more along with the company. Therefore, one of our values is growth, which means: the better the people develop, the better Farmak grows.

In 2019, the company started the corporate culture transformation project. A renewed corporate culture will be built on people’s involvement in the corporate processes, mutual respect and trust and, as a result, will make each of us even more effective in achieving our goals and the goals of the company.

To support the people’s desire for continuous improvement and development, Farmak is implementing a number of projects, e.g. in-house training program “Soft Skills Training Farmak”. The employees of the company who have the expertise and skills in a particular area, share their knowledge with their colleagues.

Our company has its own schools of managers of various levels and personnel reserve program which are designed to develop the management skills of their participants. We are proud that we filled 84% of managerial positions using our internal reserve during nine months of 2019.

The employees of the company gain valuable experience and acquire new competencies by participating in internal and external projects of the company related to manufacturing activities. Farmak staff has the opportunity to collaborate with foreign consultants and participate in seminars, conferences, exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. Thus, last year, 58 specialists were trained in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Spain.

We support the strive for self-development, that is why we have own corporate library. It now has 9,000 editions, and any employee can order any book.

It is important for us that the company develops scientific research and innovation activities. That is why every year we hold “School of Young Scientists”, which has already become an international platform for presenting scientific achievements and exchanging ideas between our staff, students and young scientists.

We can be proud of the fact that our team includes 35 candidates of sciences and 6 doctors of sciences who are an example to follow by other employees.

One of the motivational activities of the company is Motivation Cafeteria, which allows to choose compensation in one of three areas: development and books purchase, recreation and sports.

The company guarantees its employees social protection and compliance with the labour legislation, which are prescribed by the Collective Agreement and controlled by the trade union of the company.

Farmak also cares for employee health and covers free health insurance. The trade union of the company assists in such care providing the employees with health resort packages and their children – with summer camps packages.

Working in our company, you will be able to reach your potential and live an interesting and rich corporate life because we constantly carry out various activities: corporate holidays, workshops, English language trainings, sports events, charity fairs and events for employees’ children. In order to improve the emotional state of the people, each Wednesday the company holds the event “MINDFULNESS: breathing exercises”.

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