Andriy Goy

Andriy Goy

Technical Director

Andriy Goy was appointed to the position of Technical Director in 2017. He has been working at the Company since 2001.

Andriy Goy’s scientific and practical interests cover the following areas: development of generics, synthesis of active compounds, research of original molecules, biological products, advanced engineering and technical solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing innovation, technology transfer, international standards and regulation of pharmaceutical activity.

Under the leadership of Andriy Goy at Farmak, a laboratory and technological R&D center have been created. They are now a research test ground for testing new and improving existing technologies of finished medical products.

Since 2004, Andriy Goy has been a member of international associations such as ISPE, PDA, AAPS, and others.

He graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” with a master’s degree in automation and computer-integration technologies.