Nov 15, 2019

7 awards in Best Corporate Media of Ukraine 2019

Farmak was granted 7 awards in the contest “Best Corporate Media of Ukraine 2019” held by the Association of Corporate Media of Ukraine.

The jury consisted of professionals granted the Grand Prix as the highest award to the corporate newspaper “Farmak Life” and the Company’s website. They were awarded with the title “Best Corpmedia Ukraine 2019”. The SCIENCE INSIDE magazine has been recognized as one of the best in the category of corporate publication for professional content, a powerful function of the industry driver and a masterful combination of business objectives and the readers’ interests. The Company’s Facebook page has become one of the best among those presented due to reflecting the Company’s values, forming the image of modern innovative manufacturing and an important role in the formation of a sustainable business reputation. Two films named “60th Anniversary of Corvalol. How It Was” and “Farmak Orchestra” were granted silver and bronze awards, respectively, in the nomination for an important educational mission, innovativeness, creativity, good taste and aesthetics. Finally, the bronze award was granted to the corporate calendar for bright metaphors, successful visualization of the Company’s value system and a whole new level in brand promotion.

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