Oct 12, 2016

Farmak Charitable Fund Continues Supporting Ukrainian troops

Farmak Charitable Fund responded to a request from Podilskyi District State Administration (DSA) in Kyiv and helped the military unit supported by Podilskyi District of Kyiv.  Materials and supplies worth a total of over 50 thousand UAH were purchased to meet the needs of the defenders.

The military and political conflict has been underway in the East of Ukraine for over two years.  The integrity of the borders of this Nation is under threat.  Day in and day out, Ukrainian troops manly and devotedly defend this country from the encroachment by the aggressor and do everything to return peace and calm to this land.

Since the first days of the conflict, Farmak Charitable Fund has been actively supporting the defenders.  Therefore, a positively response was given to the request from Podilskyi DSA to help the military unit that is a beneficiary.  To meet the needs of the troops, we purchased two mobile air conditioners, two tow bars, accoutrements, gas burner set, lights, and emergency lamps.  A total of over UAH 50 thousand were spent to help the military unit.

Filya Zhebrovska, Chief Executive Officer, Farmak: ‘Powerful, brave, courageous… Our defenders… They believe that we will not leave them in need. And we feel that we have to remain with them until the final victory. The circumstances are such that we have to acts as one whole in these tough times for Ukraine. Since the first days of the conflict in the East, Farmak Charitable Fund provides our defenders with support and help of all kinds. Over 30 military units have gained our assistance so far.’

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