Nov 27, 2013

Experts nominated Farmak’s web site as one of the best Web Sites for Business

Experts of Meta Ukrainian Search System have recognized Farmak’s corporate web site one of the best in the Web Site for Business nomination.

Within the framework of the 7th Annual Project Management Forum – PM Forum 2013 “Project Management: Reloaded” the user-convenience of the corporate web resources of the companies, participating in the Forum, was evaluated. The web sites were evaluated by the experts of Meta Search System, a premium media partner of the event. Specialists evaluated about 50 corporate web-resources: severally, banking web sites and industrial companies’ web sites, etc. 

According to the evaluation results, Farmak’s corporate web site was recognized a “user-friendly” corporate web site and took the second place in the Web Site for Business nomination.

Oleksandra Teliatnykova, Director of Kyiv Representative Office of Meta Company, says, “The sites have been independently evaluated by three experts of our Company. After comparing the results, we have seen that they are virtually identical. Each of the experts recognized that Farmak’s web site has a clear and good navigation system, it is technically available, easy-to-use, not overloaded with visual effects, and has a sufficient content”.

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