Feb 18, 2013

Farmak JSC sums up the year 2012

Domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer, Farmak JSC sums up the results gained in the year 2012. According to the estimates, for the year 2012 the Company has increased the sales by 15% compared with the year 2011 – up to UAH 1, 7 billion.

According to the estimates, the profit gained by Farmak JSC in 2012 amounts to UAH 271 billion, net sales proceeds are equal to UAH 1 691 mln, sales gains amount to 15%. The Company exports about 16,4% of the manufactured products to CIS countries, Baltic countries and Europe.

The taxes and dues (including charges on payroll) paid by Farmak JSC in 2011 amount to UAH 190 099 thou. In 2012 they amount to UAH 207 608 thou.

For the year 2012 the Company has developed 20 medicines and introduced them to the market. In 2013 Farmak JSC plans to add to the product portfolio 18 medicines more, to increase the turnover by 16% and to reinforce the positions at Russian market that is one of the Company’s priority markets.
During year 2012 Farmak JSC has developed and started realization of business strategy “Farmak 2020”. The strategy sets out the change of sales from 80% at domestic market and 20% of export to 60% of sales at domestic market and 40% of export, the strategy realization on social responsibility and IPO launching.  

Just to remind, that in 2011 Farmak JSC increased net profit by 19% – up to UAH 247,04 mln, and increased the net profit by 20% – up to UAH 1 477 mln. The Company was a leader in monetary sales volumes amongst the domestic manufacturers of pharmaceutical products with its share equal to 18,4%.

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