Sep 27, 2013

Arfa Combi: Treatment of Diabetes

At the end of summer, Farmak JSC launched Arfa Combi, a drug for comprehensive treatment of the patients with type 2 diabetes.

The new drug contains taurine, extract of bean husks and extract of bilberry leaves.

Olga Galileyska, Marketing Consultant of Hospital Drugs Marketing Department at Farmak, says, “To date, there are more than 150 plants with hypoglycemic properties. Among the most effective are bilberry and bean. Experts claim that bean petals and bilberry leaves have an effect similar to the action of biguanide drugs, resulting in reduction of insulin resistance and thus optimizing the action of endogenous insulin. This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of glucose uptake by human cells. The use of these plants in some cases allows better compensation for insulin dependent diabetes. This effect is confirmed by experts around the world. Taurine as a component of Arfa Combi compensates human taurine deficiency, which occurs in case of diabetes. This sulfonic acid is essential for the optimal functioning of any organ”.

Arfa Combi is referred to the pharmacological group "Dietary supplements". The drug is manufactured as capsules No 60. The new drug has several benefits:

• purely natural origin from environmentally friendly raw materials;

• ability to improve glucose metabolism, which allows the drug to enhance the hypoglycemic effect of current therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes;

• improves myocardial, retinal and cerebral functions;

• due to sulfur-containing taurine, allows reduction of intoxication symptoms associated with diabetes and other serious diseases;

• has a positive effect on blood lipids and condition of the heart muscle in individuals at risk: overweighting, abusing food high in fat, leading sedentary lifestyle, being close relatives of the patients with type 2 diabetes.


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