Jun 15, 2023

Farmak allocated UAH 4.5 million for vitamin complexes for 20,000 children


Photo. Source: СОС Дитячі Містечка України

The Farmak company donated vitamin complexes to more than 20,000 children who found themselves in difficult living conditions. Vitamins were given to orphans, children from internally displaced families, and others in need. The amount of assistance amounted to more than UAH 4.5 million.

Lack of sleep, loss of appetite, constant stress, and anxiety: all these are the consequences of the war, which affected not only adults but also children. Nutritional deficiencies at an early age can lead to health problems: disrupt metabolism, contribute to the development of chronic diseases, and even affect mental development.

“Because of the stress of war, children can lose their appetite and eat unbalanced meals, which leads to a weakened body and avitaminosis. We decided to help and donated vitamin complexes to children who found themselves in a difficult situation. Unfortunately, we cannot protect them from war. But Farmak, like every Ukrainian today, does the best it can in its place,” comments Volodymyr Penyushkin, marketing consultant for the pharmaceutical company Farmak.

In general, since the full-scale invasion, the company has provided charitable assistance to the population and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of more than 90 million hryvnias.

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