May 14, 2024

Farmak employees raised more than 3 million UAH for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Farmak held the “I Work One Day for the Army” campaign for the sixth time, during which interested employees can donate their daily salary to help the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Donations and participation in charitable initiatives for Ukrainians are no longer just a part of daily life, but a method of struggle to withstand and survive in this protracted war. In the corporate culture of our company, events aimed at supporting defenders have long become a tradition.

The “I Work One Day for the Army” campaign was first organized in 2014, and since then it has been held regularly. This time, we together raised 3.3 million UAH ($84.4K) thanks to the participation of 1062 Farmak employees and the Zhebrivsky Family Charitable Foundation.

With the funds raised from the campaign and with the support of the Charitable Foundation, the following were purchased: 10 Mavic 3T quadcopters with thermal imagers, 12 Mavic 3 Pro quadcopters, 1 Autel quadcopter, 10 sets of personal protective equipment for the military (body armor, helmets), 7 Starlink 3G modems, the entire amount of assistance amounted to 3.4 million UAH ($85.9K).

All this was transferred to military units fighting in different directions. Including Farmak employees and their relatives who protect us at the front.

The amount of charitable assistance from Farmak and the Zhebrivsky Family Charitable Foundation since the beginning of the full-scale invasion amounts to more than UAH 212 million ($5.4M).

*The Zhebrivsky Family Charitable Foundation and the Farmak company are part of the Zhebrivsky family’s activities and are responsible for the family’s charitable and business activities.

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