Jan 29, 2020

Farmak gave a tour to the manufacturing site for more than 1,000 people in 2019

Students, practitioners, partners, journalists, representatives of business associations and everyone who wanted to see how European quality medicinal products were manufactured using modern equipment had such an opportunity: Farmak regularly gives tours – on Fridays a group of 10-15 people visit the manufacturing site.

“This practice has been maintained at Farmak for several years. We have opened our doors to anyone who wants in order to showcase modern pharmaceutical manufacturing in Ukraine. Today, Farmak is the area of European quality and international standards. Farmak’s export share is over 20%. The same lines manufacture medicinal products for Ukraine and for the world, so it is safe to say that the quality of Farmak products is not inferior to the products of world largest manufacturers, and in some ways they are even superior. Farmak is developing rapidly. The innovative equipment is used in manufacturing. In 2019, the Company invested UAH 900 million in its development. In 2018, a modern line for the manufacture of solid dosage forms has been launched, which is unique in Ukraine. Farmak invested EUR 20 million in such line. This year, we plan to increase the amount of investments to more than UAH 1 billion,” said Olena Zubarieva, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainable Development Department at JSC Farmak.

The registration form for the tour is available on the website: – https://farmak.ua/excursions/

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