Oct 05, 2021

Farmak is in TOP 25 successful marketing campaigns

Vlast Deneg [The Power of Money] magazine has published the rating of TOP 25 successful marketing campaigns held in the Ukrainian market in 2020 – the first half of 2021.

The rating includes marketing projects implemented by both domestic companies and Ukrainian representative offices of foreign companies. The leaders include: Farmak, Carlsberg Ukraine, Avon Ukraine; EVA and Silpo networks; Metinvest Group; MHP; Morshynska brand and others.

Data from open sources, official company information, media reports and expert opinions have been used to compile the rating. Not only the project creativity, but also a number of other indicators were an important criterion in the selection: scope of the campaigns implemented, further economic effect, in-market perception and compliance with modern business ethical standards.

The effectiveness of a comprehensive approach to the development of marketing projects has been noted among the achievements of the Company. Now, Farmak simultaneously promotes about 20 brands in the media, and its product portfolio contains more than 200 brands.

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