Jun 21, 2018

Farmak JSC Announced Top 10 Innovations at the Meeting with Management of the Companies – Members of European Business Association

Approximately 30 managers of the companies being members of the European Business Association and doing business in Ukraine according to European standards visited Farmak’s production facilities. This was the first visit of the Association members to the domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer.

During Company Visit, Volodymyr Kostiuk, Acting Executive Director, Farmak JSC, told the guests of the innovations implemented at the Company. He mentioned that investing in innovative projects is not an instant benefit but a long-term leadership. During his speech, he told about the Company’s achievements over the past years and announced the top 10 innovations due to which Farmak holds the leading position in the domestic pharmaceutical market.

“We are happy to welcome the representatives of the European Business Association. For a short period of time, Farmak has transformed from a chemical and technological plant into an innovative company – leader of the industry. Thanks to quality and innovations, we have been retaining leadership for over eight years. And we really have something to be proud of. We managed to build European production facilities here, in Ukraine. We are ready to share experience with domestic companies on how to do business in Ukraine according to European standards. Our distinctive feature is that we not only follow the innovations, but localize and adapt them here, in Ukraine, at our own manufacturing sites”, Volodymyr Kostiuk said during the speech.

“Exchange of experience is an important component for business development. Our project, Company Visit, is designed to help our members learn about best business practices, innovative approaches and advanced production and management technologies directly from leading industry representatives. We thank Farmak for its openness and readiness to join the project. The Company is a striking example for others and clearly demonstrates that one should choose a strategy for investing in modernization to be the industry’s market leader. Having visited the Company, we not only heard, but also saw firsthand how much resources the Company spends on innovations and which long-term investment projects enable entering the new markets”, said Mariana Khomitska, Head of the Professional Development Center, European Business Association.

An excursion to production facilities was held during the visit. The guests visited the site manufacturing liquid dosage forms and learnt how medicinal products are manufactured in aseptic conditions. Further, the Association representatives visited a unique laboratory and technological complex –  R&D ground for testing new and improving existing technologies of finished medicinal products.

The visitors were impressed by the level of organization of production and research at the Company. “This is really an example of European production. It is good to know that there are such enterprises in Ukraine. It was interesting, and innovative”, said Oleksandr Shkelebey, Managing Partner, Esquires.

“This visit inspires credibility to Ukrainian medicines. We see that Farmak is a European company. It is very pleasant that Farmak provides 2000 jobs for Ukrainians and pays all required taxes. We see that the Company has highly skilled staff. Plus, 45 inspections over three years is a figure that speaks for itself. This means that you have a qualification level that gives us the power to trust you”, shared her impressions Liudmyla Vinnychenko, Authorized Quality Management Director, CAN-PACK.

Farmak’s innovations shared by Volodymyr Kostiuk made a strong impression on the guests and demonstrated a completely new vector of development of the national science and industry.


  1. Global studies of a generic molecule. This is an original molecule of the Soviet school. Farmak has invested in international studies of the evidential base and evidence of efficacy on various models.
  2. Global studies of a generic medicine Efial. This is an original molecular complex of biological origin based on liposomal forms enhancing the penetration of the active substance. Launch of the product is scheduled for 2019.
  3. Insulin production based on Lilly (USA) technology – «Farmasulins». These are the first American pharmaceutical technologies in Ukraine. Farmak is the world’s second company to receive the cartridge manufacturing technology, which is a set of complex knowledge in mechatronics and precision.
  4. Bioequivalence studies. Complex innovation. Implementation of this project has taken 10 years. This is the proof standard for therapeutic replaceability. Farmak has transferred the old nomenclature into a new formulation to achieve the criteria of therapeutic similarity. To that end, a pilot laboratory has been constructed, in which processes are modeled, optimized, and scaled. Product with continuously reproducible and well-established target profiles are transferred to the industrial scale.
  5. Use of biotechnology. This is forward-thinking work. Each second new drug registered in the world is of biological or biotechnological origin. To retain its positions in the future, Farmak develops competencies in this direction, studies genetic engineering, biosynthesis, purification, description, and regulatory strategy in biosimilarity. Now the Company undergoes validation of technologies of recombinant synthesis of several active substances. In case of positive results, a decision on further investments in industrial-scale production will be made.
  6. Proprietary APIs manufacturing. In 2015, the Company launched APIs production facilities in Shostka. Investments in this project amounted to $ 39 million. Farmak already has 20 proprietary substances in its portfolio and more than 20 are planned for years to come. The Company invests in its own production being in line with pharmaceutical standards and accounting for environmental aspects. Laboratories have been upgraded, and new approaches to synthesis (multistage synthesis, flow technologies in synthesis) have been used.
  7. Manufacturing of radiocontrast agents. This is Farmak’s landmark product. 12 years ago, the Company accepted an offer from European partners for development and manufacturing, according to the European requirements, of the radiocontrast drug Magnegita. Farmak has rebuilt the core processes and completely adapted to new regulatory requirements. The product was successfully launched on the European market, and today we produce another product, Dotagita, under this model. This is the first experience of full-cycle contractual product launch for the European market: from development according to ICH standards to manufacturing according to EU GMP requirements. Currently, Farmak has taken for development of several other breakthrough products in this segment, including the development and manufacturing of substances.
  8. State-of-the-art R&D laboratories. Transformation from plant laboratories to intelligent clusters hosting processes for creation and optimization of new technologies, integrating quality with the use of modern analytical equipment. Currently, Farmak employes 35 candidates and doctors of sciences. This is a testing site, a platform for design and modeling of manufacturing processes.
  9. Horizon 2020 Grant Programs. Since 2017, Farmak has been participant of two Horizon 2020 programs, VAHVISTUS and ORBIS, in Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE). This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with new developments of scientific laboratories of EU countries.
  10. Farmak technopark. Farmak is 7 hectares of concentrated innovations and technologies, which form the arsenal of the modern pharmaceutical industry. The Company has evolved from a production site to an industrial park hosting key innovative and production technologies. Process optimization and transition to more sophisticated technologies is planned for the future. This is also a beneficial location for collaboration with the most advanced and intelligent talents.
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