Jun 01, 2020

Farmak medicines may be ordered through Liki24.com service with free delivery and save 20-30%

The Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Farmak has joined the initiative “Medicines at Home”. Now, in case of ordering any of 510 medicines manufactured by Farmak, presented in the catalog on the website of the service Liki24.com, users may get free delivery. The promotion is valid throughout Ukraine without restrictions – both at the address and at the post office. The service allows you saving 20-30% of the cost of medicines, by finding the optimal price for the drug in different pharmacies.

“It is impossible to overestimate the importance of domestic pharmaceuticals for the state. In the pandemic, we all felt the need for the state to have developed industries, and not just the pharmaceutical one. The role of the national manufacturer has grown significantly – personal protective equipment, ventilators, medicines – all these are extremely important for national security. Especially when imports are significantly reduced. There are many examples in the past when, during the crisis, unlike foreign manufacturers, who sharply raised drug prices depending on the exchange rate, Farmak products remained available to Ukrainian consumers. Even now, taking care of the health of Ukrainians and understanding the importance of compliance with all quarantine measures, Farmak has started working with the online service Liki24, so that every Ukrainian may receive quality and effective medicine without exposing himself to danger. After all, the main mission of Farmak is to make available treatment with modern and effective medicines. Farmak medicines are available in all fourteen therapeutic groups. Among the main areas – anti-cold, endocrinological, gastroenterological, cardiological, neurological portfolios. By producing high-tech medicines, Farmak annually invests more than $ 15 million in research and development. We are currently developing 100 modern and effective medicines that are needed by millions of people, both in our country and abroad. And we are ready to take unprecedented steps to remain accessible to our consumers,” said Mykhailo Vanat, Marketing and Sales Director of JSC Farmak.

“We are very pleased that one of the leaders in Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturing has supported our initiative Medicines at Home,” said Anton Avrinsky, CEO and founder of Liki24.com. – Many Ukrainians are treated with Farmak medicines. Free delivery of such medicines is more important today than ever. This issue is especially relevant for residents of small settlements that do not have pharmacies. Due to quarantine, public transport and access to medicines are restricted. Today, human health and safety is our priority. That’s why we started the all-Ukrainian project “Medicines at Home”.

To receive free delivery, you need to choose the necessary medicines manufactured by JSC Farmak on the website Liki24.com, form an order and choose delivery by courier or postal operator – Ukrposhta or Nova Poshta. After placing an order, the specialists of the Liki24.com  service will buy everything you need exclusively in licensed pharmacies at the best prices, form a parcel and send it to the desired address.

Thus, the average price for Amizon Max manufactured by JSC Farmak in pharmacies in Kyiv is UAH 181.20. The optimal price in case of ordering through the service website is UAH 84.77. So, when ordering on Liki24.com, the user saves UAH 96.43.

In addition to such significant savings on the cost of medicines, the user also gets the opportunity to arrange free delivery, the rates of which under standard conditions are UAH 59-79.

Liki24.com works with more than 5,000 pharmacies throughout Ukraine. The service provides information on the availability and price of 55 thousand pharmacy products. Users can receive their parcels both at post offices and at the door. Delivery times meet the standards of postal operators.

Exceptions to the order are medicines that require a special temperature regime of storage or are included in the list of narcotic medicines, psychotropic medicines and precursors, as well as potent and toxic medicines.

The program “Medicines at Home” is a social initiative of the Liki24.com service, which allows Ukrainians to receive medicines at the best price with free home delivery. It has already been supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure, heads of regional administrations and leading pharmaceutical companies, noted by the central and regional media of Ukraine, as well as the international Sifted by Financial Times. “Medicines at Home” program became a finalist in the HackCorona competition from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.



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