Dec 07, 2023

Farmak once again received an award for conscientious payment of taxes


The Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine expressed gratitude to the 25 most conscientious taxpayers of Ukraine. Among them is the pharmaceutical company Farmak, which paid more than UAH 645 million in taxes over the nine months of 2023.

Farmak is currently the largest taxpayer in the field of pharmaceutical production in Ukraine, paying taxes on time and in full.

It should be noted that Farmak has had a leading position in taxpayer ratings from the Asotsiatsiya Platnykiv Podatkiv Ukrayiny (APPU) for many years. In addition, in 2020 and 2021, Farmak entered the ratings of “TOP 100 taxpayers” and “TOP 200 largest companies in Ukraine by the amount of tax payments” and became the only representative of the industry in them.

Also, the list of businesses noted by the APPU included companies from different regions and sectors of the economy. More details about all participants follow the link.

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