Sep 21, 2021

Farmak opened an office in the United Arab Emirates

Our products have been introduced to the Middle East market since 2016. This year Farmak opened an office in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, the company’s production facilities have successfully passed certification by the UAE government. The injectable medications manufactured by Farmak were also registered. These medicines are purchased at state and local hospital tenders in the region.

“The UAE enjoys a reputation as a country with a very high level of national health care and strict regulation of activities related to the production and distribution of medicines. The fact that Farmak products are presented on this market once again testifies to the high level of quality of our drugs,” comments Victor Kostiuk, Business Development Director of Farmak JSC.

Carrying out the sale of drugs through local distributors, the company conducted an audit of the market potential and an analysis of the pharmaceutical product niches in the region. This year, in order to consolidate business management in the Middle East, Farmak management decided to open a company office in the UAE.

The new office will be headed by Murad Ishak Habib, who was previously the General Director of the representative office of Tabuk Pharmaceuticals and headed Sandoz in the Middle East region for more than 8 years. The opening of an office in the United Arab Emirates is only the first strategic step for Farmak, in the future the company plans to strengthen its expansion in the region and localization in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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