May 01, 2024

Farmak Took Part in the First Meeting of the EU Critical Medicines Alliance

Farmak, a leader of the medicinal market in Ukraine, took part in the first meeting of the Critical Medicines Alliance Forum. The Alliance was launched by the European Commission in response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Its core task is to reduce the risk of deficit of essential medicines in the EU during the next five years.

During the Alliance meeting in Brussels, the participants discussed potential modalities of cooperation, tools to bolster the safety of the supply chain of critical medicines in Europe. Other objectives are to establish ways to decrease dependence on raw materials and finished medicines from India and China by localization and diversification of EU production, and to establish a strategic reserve of critical medicines for prompt response to crises in all EU member states.

According to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who opened the event, the European Union will seek strategic partnership in the matters of supply of critical medicines with only such third countries, which are potential EU members, such as Ukraine and Western Balkans.

Farmak joined the Alliance in March 2024. The Alliance has 255 member organizations of different countries and 6 observers. Among them are civil society, patients and health professionals’ organizations, pharmaceutical companies (of which there are more than 90), professional associations and non-governmental organizations, universities, national and regional government bodies.

“The Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry is very interested in the development of the export opportunities to the EU. This means not only sale of products in one of the deepest markets of the world, but also synchronization with the European market in every sense of the term, including innovations, regulatory requirements, and consumer habits. We still have numerous technical barriers in free trade of medicines, meaning numerous inspections and non-recognition of Ukrainian certificates. Yet, such significant events, as our participation in the Alliance, substantially bring us to the goal to overcome such hindrances. We appreciate the assistance of the governmental bodies and business associations for this result of the common work,” said Mrs. Yevhenia Piddubna, Corporate Communications Director, Farmak.


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