Jul 04, 2023

Farmak was included in the rating of the best companies according to the CSR Index 2023

Farmak was included in the ranking of the best enterprises according to the CSR Index 2023, which determines the sustainability of Ukrainian businesses during the war. The study was conducted by the expert organization CSR Ukraine and the online publication The Page.

The rating also includes the following companies: Nova Poshta, Kyivstar, PUMB, Deloitte, Kernel, MHP, EPAM, Infopulse, Sense Bank, and others.

The assessment of businesses was carried out according to the 5-component model of CSR in wartime, which included the following points: business continuity and payment of taxes, employee safety, capability, unity, and community.

Farmak is one of the largest taxpayers in the country’s pharmaceutical industry, which constantly fulfills its obligations to the state. Even before the outbreak of a full-scale war, the company began investing in the construction of shelters to ensure the safety of its employees. Since February 2022, it has allocated more than UAH 90 million to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainians affected by the war. It also implements social projects in support of communities on an ongoing basis. Among the examples of social initiatives of the company:

“During the war, when the country is going through difficult times, understanding and observing the principles of social responsibility is extremely important for big business. When we support each other, we become stronger. Therefore, for our company, supporting social programs and charitable initiatives is a duty. These programs are even more relevant as they help the military, war-affected children, and people who find themselves in economic hardship due to the war. Although the war gave rise to many problems in society, if every business invests in solving them, we will be able to overcome crises much faster,” notes Yevgeniya Piddubna, Director for Corporate Communications at Farmak.

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