May 06, 2021

Farmak’s exports increased by 40% in 2020

According to the consolidated financial statements, Farmak increased its export deliveries by 40% last year, having shipped products to 35 countries.

The share of exports in the Company’s total sales in 2020 reached 29.6%, which is 5.3% more than last year. The Company’s products are sold in the EU, Central and South America, the CIS, the Middle East, Asia etc.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in the demand throughout the world for medicinal products that are used in the complex therapy of COVID-19 patients. They include corticosteroids, relaxants, analgesics, antibiotics, as well as anaesthetics and sedatives required when using lung ventilators. Thus, a large number of Farmak products have been exported to Israel, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Singapore, as well as delivered for the WHO (World Health Organization) use.

Due to the European GMP certificates, in addition to national ones, issued regarding Farmak’s manufacturing lines, the Company may sell its products in countries with particularly strict regulatory requirements.

“Farmak is a company with state-of-the-art, high-tech facilities that manufacture medicinal products in compliance with all international standards. Due to this, we guarantee the high quality of our products and gain the trust of consumers all around the world. We are now preparing for FDA* inspection to enter the U.S. market. Our strategic goal is to increase the share of exports in total sales to 40%,” said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Chief Executive Officer of JSC Farmak.

Farmak has been recognized as the best exporter of the year**.

It is worth reminding that JSC Farmak has its own representative offices in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan and the marketing company in Poland.

* U.S. Food and Drug Administration

** the best exporter of the year among large enterprises of Kyiv in: “Manufacturing of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceuticals” in 2019, according to the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



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