May 31, 2024

More than fifty Defenders underwent rehabilitation with the support of Farmak and the Zhebrivsky Family Charitable Foundation


The military rehabilitation program from Farmak and the Zhebrivsky Family Charitable Foundation in collaboration with a private clinic in Kyiv has been going on for more than a year. So, since March 2023, 57 defenders with severe wounds have already completed it, and some of them have even returned to the Army.

By the end of May 2024, the amount of funds allocated to support this program is UAH 15.7 million.

And although money and donations are an important part of support, Farmak activities are not limited to this.

In addition to financial assistance, Farmak employees have been volunteering since May last year, providing moral support and simply keeping company for the sevicemen in the hospital. This includes accompaniment during walks and rehabilitation, assistance in completing the necessary documents and support for family and friends. Every Friday, volunteers organize board games, quest rooms, etc. at the hospital.

“I am infinitely grateful for the contribution of the Zhebrivsky Family Foundation to the treatment and rehabilitation of our soldiers. Special thanks to the volunteers, they are bright people with a big soul and heart. We will continue to cooperate and help by treating soldiers,” notes the director of the clinic.

Doctors note that thanks to friendly personal communication, patients recover much faster. And the moral support also allows their relatives not to feel lonely, not to despair, but to continue the fight for the health of their loved ones.


“Guys don’t like it when people feel sorry for them. There’s no need to cry, it definitely doesn’t help. Pretending that nothing happened is also impossible. You have to treat them like an ordinary person, keep up the conversation, share news,” says one of the Farmak volunteers.

Every month, the Zhebrivsky Family Charitable Foundation and Farmak finance the rehabilitation of 10 wounded servicemen.

Recently, the Company and the Foundation also provided financial support to a camp for social adaptation and rehabilitation of veterans who lost their sight in the war. The “Life after the War” initiative takes place in Vinnytsia. The camp participants are veterans who have lost their sight as a result of injuries caused by mine explosions and rocket attacks.

The Zhebrivsky Family Charitable Foundation and Farmak are part of the activities of the Zhebrivsky family and are responsible for the charitable and business activities of the family.

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