Oct 30, 2012

No-Sol has received a package of new design

Farmak has redesigned the packaging of No-Sol, a drug for treatment of nasal cavity diseases. No-Sol nasal spray 0.65% (10 ml) and No-Sol nasal drops for children 0.65% (10 ml) will now be sold in renovated packaging.

The No-Sol packaging design was changed to ensure better readability of the drug’s name and the age category of patients for whom No-Sol of certain dosage form is intended.

The main emphasis on the redesigned packaging was made on the drug’s name. Now it is printed in larger font of bright red color. Also, pictures were included on the drug’s new packaging for better understanding of age limits for the use of No-Sol: the packaging of No-Sol drops (10 ml) depicts an infant, and the packaging of No-Sol spray (10 ml) shows an adult.

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