Dec 30, 2016

Farmak JSC has got the GMP certificate for APIs production in Shostka town

When keeping with the commitment to support conformity of the pharmaceutical quality system with national and European GMP requirements, the Farmak Company has successfully passed the audit by the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drug Control at its Shostka production plant.

As part of the continuous improvement of the Pharmaceutical Quality System and verification of production conditions in accordance with the good manufacturing practices for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Farmak underwent the GMP compliance audit at the Shostka plant in the period from November 8 to 10, 2016.

Following the audit results, the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drug Control issued the APIs manufacturing approval to JSC Farmak in Shostka.

While expanding the manufacture of finished pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the Farmak Company has established a separate substances production plant in Shostka town, conforming to GMP. This is the modern complex that includes manufacturing sites, quality control laboratories and logistics center. The new plant created more than 100 jobs. At present, is employees 86 people.

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