Mar 02, 2018

ECO-SCHOOL: schoolchildren will be awarded grants to implement ecological projects at their schools.

A pilot project starts in 2018 in the town of Shostka and will run for 8 months. 11 town schools will take part in the pilot project. School ECOteams will attend unique trainings where they will learn the fundamentals of environmental thinking and way of life, how to preserve the planet and natural resources, how to prepare an eco-project for their school and thus contribute to keeping the Earth balance.

Olena Zubareva, Head of PR Department, Farmak: “It is hard to improve people’s quality of life without efficient use of natural resources, environmental culture and awareness, and we regard the quality as a matter of our priority.  We decided to implement the pilot project “ECO-SCHOOL” in Shostka where Farmak’s API production facilities are located, to raise eco-awareness of schoolchildren and involve them in the process of conservation of environmental resources, to demonstrate how basic rules can change the ecosystem of a school, town and country. The schoolchildren will become ambassadors of new environmental culture in Ukraine and transfer such culture into their life and the life of their families. We believe that such projects implemented by the business with the aid of government and public organizations will bring our country to a new level of development. We build Europe in our country, for our people, and it starts with ourselves, with our children”.

The project speakers – the country’s leading youth leaders: Julia Markhel, the Cabinet of Ministers Prize Winner for Special Achievements of the Youth in Development of Ukraine, ambassador of the international organization “Let’s Do It! World”, coordinator of the annual campaign “Let’s Make Ukraine Clean Together!”; Lyudmyla Osypchuk, President of the All-Ukrainian Youth Movement “Let’s do it, Ukraine”, coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Environmental Festival “CHYSTOFEST”; Artur Malinovskyi, the “World Cleanup Day” action coordinator in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Leadership Academy graduate.

Julia Markhel, ambassador of the international movement «Let’s Do It! World»: “Every year we together with the Ukrainians form the national standard of cleanliness, proper waste handling and environmental friendliness. Millions of people all over the world cooperate and encourage the global population by own example to conserve the natural resources. Let’s Do It! is a social and ecological movement uniting and covering all the spheres of the planet eco-responsible life. The “ECO-SCHOOL” project feature is that theoretical course is only 10%, and 90% are dedicated to practice. We’ll change the ecological future of our country together”.

“ECO-SCHOOL” project includes 3 stages:

1st stage – training. Activists from 12 schools (8-11 grade pupils) will undergo training within three months. During this time the teenagers will improve their ecological knowledge, learn how to conserve the Earth resources and attend plants that operate with observation of ecological standards and regulations to ensure environmentally friendly production.   

2nd stage – practice. Schoolchildren will present projects on resource conservation for their schools. The best of them will be awarded mini-grants from Farmak and maximum organizational support from all co-organizers.

3rd stage – implementation. Winning projects will be implemented before the beginning of the school year.  On completion of this stage, the organizers will study and evaluate the result and promote further sharing of positive experience at other schools.


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