Jun 03, 2014

Farmak JSC holds the 3rd Blood Donor Day

The Blood Donor Day was held at Farmak on 30 May. Over 100 employees showed their intent to donate blood for the children taking treatment at Kyiv Regional Oncology Center. The event was held at Medical Station of Farmak JSC with support of Mobile Specialist Team from Kyiv Regional Blood Centre.

Sergiy Korotkoruchko, Head of Blood Transfusion Department, Kyiv Regional Blood Centre, says, “This time, Farmak donated nearly 37 liters of blood that significantly contributed to the blood bank of our Center. It is important that Farmak’s employees find time and opportunity to be regular blood donors, because this guarantees safety and sustainable blood bank. We would like to express our appreciation to the Company for organizing the Blood Donor Day and we are grateful to each and every Farmak’s volunteer for active participation”.

The Blood Donor Day at Farmak was arranged without jeopardizing the manufacturing processes because all the processes have been adjusted in advance, taking into account the donors’ absence at workplaces. The Company fully complies with all legislative requirements and provides the donors with an extra day of vacation, in addition to a day off for blood donation.

Filya Zhebrovska, Chief Executive Officer, Farmak JSC, says, “The problem of donated blood deficiency concerns everyone and may be solved only with joint efforts. This only gives more value of Farmak’s employees participation in blood donation intended for treatment of the diseased children. We are sincerely grateful to everybody, who participated in, and who was engaged in the event organization!  Our employees once again upheld Farmak’s motto – Caring for your health and you!”

The donors also participated in the charity event, within the framework of Tablets project, and raised funds to buy the medicines for the diseased children.

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