Feb 16, 2018

Farmak’s open letter concerning Pectolvan C

Dear Ukrainians,

Over the past few days, we received thousands of letters and calls regarding the fate of the popular drug Pectolvan C.

We understand your concerns, as Pectolvan C is an effective and affordable remedy for treating upper respiratory tract diseases, like other drugs of the Pectolvan line.

We assure you that Pectolvan C is not banned. Only several batches of this drug are concerned.

Pectolvan C is successfully marketed in pharmacies. Annually, more than 1,000,000 packages of this drug are produced. Farmak JSC has recalled only a small part of the product: only six batches. Therefore, Pectolvan medicinal syrups remain freely marketed in Ukraine.

Pectolvan C is a registered drug and is authorized for medical use. It has high quality and efficacy. As regards the recalled batches, minor changes were found in the ‘Description’ parameter, which do not affect the pharmacological properties of the medicinal product and cannot harm human health. Only external visual deviations are involved.

Specialists of Farmak JSC have identified this deviation themselves and reported it to the State Service for Medicines and Drugs Control. This procedure is provided for by national and international GMP standards – the Good Manufacturing Practice, which Farmak JSC was one of the first to adopt in Ukraine more than 15 years ago.

After all, quality, efficacy and safety of products have always been and remain the priority and hallmark of Farmak JSC.

Every week, individual batches of drugs from well-known Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers are being recalled. This is common practice for countries and companies that observe the European drug manufacturing requirements and care for their reputation.

We appreciate your support and care for the popular Ukrainian drug. We assure you that Pectolvan C is available for use.

Once again, we emphasize that Farmak products have high quality controlled in accordance with the national and European GMP standards. In addition, recall of several batches of Pectolvan C once again proves that health of the Ukrainians is top priority for Farmak JSC.

Sincerely yours,

Farmak Company.

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