Mar 26, 2013

There is completed the first stage of production facilities construction in Shostka

Farmak JSC has completed the first stage of construction of new substances manufacturing facilities that will be located in Shostka (Sumy Region) on the territory of former “Svema” plant.

At the preparatory construction stage there was leveled the ground area to locate the new production facilities (for that, there was spread 13 thou. m³ soil). The dangerous constructions were disassembled (there were removed approximately 200 tons of construction wastes). After that the construction was started and the communications were supplied.

Olexiy Ivanchenko, Farmak’s Project Manager: “At present external power supply, networks, water supply, sewerage system are ready for service. All these communications were supplied to the repaired constructions. There were constructed new entrance checkpoint, fire reservoirs, and reservoirs for drinking water. There was constructed two-storied dwelling house for our employees”.

The administration building is being extended from a single-storey house to the building with the annexed attic storey. Old arched storehouse was repaired; there will be kept equipment and spare parts.  

Production facilities will be located in the historic building: there is a building with area of 3 thou sq. m. After reconstruction this building is planned to be the production facilities for pharmaceutical ingredients. At present this building is at the stage of designing, the dangerous constructions are being reconstructed.  

13 substances will be manufactured at new production facilities located in Shostka. About 80 local specialists will be taken on the staff. 

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