My name is Liza. I started work at Farmak as Santa’s assistant. Yes, you got it right. Every year, the Company holds one of the most favorite holidays of Farmak’s community, Secret Santa. Its main idea is to use Santa’s charming helpers to give secret gifts and incredible emotions. My work in this project allowed me to see a modern innovative plant from the inside and realize that I wanted to stay and work with Farmak.

At that moment, I was graduating from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute majoring in Biotechnology. The Company offered me a position of a supervisor of Workshop 4. This Workshop is committed to manufacturing of solid dosage forms.

And now, I am here, in the team of best professionals and already friends! I would like to wish students to have no fear about having no professional experience or necessary skills. Farmak will give you a unique opportunity to learn everything!