Hi everyone,

My name is Tetiana. I am from the town of Alchevsk, which is in Luhansk oblast.

At school, I was keen on chemistry and biology, and this conditioned my choice of the first education. In 1998, I entered Luhansk Medical and Biological Lyceum, and later Luhansk State Medical University, from which I graduated as pediatrician. It was already during my studies that my search for additional earnings got me a position of medical representative because my scholarship was not enough to sustain me in my student years. This work enabled me to see the healthcare system from a different angle, get a better look at pharmacy and an understanding that communication with interesting people can expand your own boundaries.

Later, I moved to Donetsk to work in the position of regional manager for the eastern region. It was both a promotion and a challenge for a young inexperienced specialist. At first, my duties covered promotion of drugs in three regions of Ukraine, but I started building a team and working with the whole country in no time. My life at that time was constant business trips. Of course, it was very difficult but interesting, too, because I kept making an incredible number of new acquaintances, developing personally and understanding business better. Obviously, I lacked knowledge and needed to develop, which is why I entered Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University to study management.

In 2010, moving to the capital, I uploaded my CV to job search websites and received job offers from three pharmaceutical companies soon enough. Farmak was among them. Cool and innovative, with a history, interesting projects and a dedicated team I wanted to be part of, it was a company growing by leaps and bounds in the market that had just ranked higher than any other pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Ukrainian market.

So, having passed all the interview stages, I started working as marketing specialist at Farmak. I believe this to be an incredibly diverse and interesting job. You are involved in product development strategy and plan implementation: promotion, research, conferences, advertisement creation and placement, communication with opinion leaders and much more. Having gained enough experience and knowledge, I was entrusted with training of new employees of the division. At this time, I entered the International Management Institute to study marketing.

My persistence and dedication to what I do enabled me to be selected for the competitive position of the head of department in 2018. It meant more interesting projects, collaboration with related departments, active work with Internet marketing, scientific research, pharmacy chains and much more. Farmak has always contributed to qualification enhancement through various courses and trainings, including improvement of managerial competencies at the “Managers’ Development School”.

My eleven years with the Company have passed with a constant drive. Farmak enabled me to develop professionally and personally, and I am grateful for that.

It has been two years that I have been a member of the jury at the Effie Awards Ukraine, the most prestigious award in the world in marketing communications, which celebrates the main achievement in the field – efficiency.

How do I spend my free time? I find love in my close people and friends, inspiration in travels and books, and health at the sports grounds.


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