Hey, everybody! My name is Volodymyr. I was born in Bohuslav, a small town in Kyiv Region.

At school I had a keen interest in different sciences. Learning was easy for me because I had an inquiring mind.

After finishing school, I had to choose a university and my future profession. In order to have an opportunity to choose among the best higher education institutions I decided to apply to several ones. My choice was given to Igor Sikorsky KPI (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute), and I still believe the choice was right, as I was taught by practitioners with extensive experience in various subject areas. In addition to studying, I was engaged in sports activities. I was a member of the Institute’s judo team.

After graduating, I decided to try to obtain employment with Farmak I had known about since I was a student.

I’d better say it at once that I got an entry-level job, but this did not downplay the significance of what I was doing, because I was responsible for the quality of very complex and necessary products for people.

During the entire period of my employment with Farmak, I changed the work area almost every year, and it was great because either new production units or divisions were launched, or I was eager to do more science and engineering! I was constantly involved in great projects that helped me develop professionally. Additionally, I had an opportunity to participate in trainings and workshops on management skills, motivational management, value management and many others that were held in the Company.

I am happy that challenging projects allowed me and my colleagues to exchange experience with foreign specialists from leading European companies. That’s inspiring because we could make sure that our processes are not worse than foreign ones, or even better in certain aspects. We are truly proud of this!

Today, I am a senior manager and I am glad that I can influence various processes in the Company. I cannot imagine my life without my team and colleagues, together with whom we have amazing accomplishments. I am sure there are many more new challenges and achievements ahead of us!

In my spare time, I am engaged in football playing, reading, and traveling.

I would like to wish young people to steadily pursue their dreams, square up to new challenges, and then many opportunities will open up!

Join our team and make people healthier with us!