My name is Yaroslav. I work as senior risk management engineer. I first got to work with Farmak for my pre-diploma internship placement when I was a fourth-year student at the Department of Biotechnology at the National University of Food Technology. It was then that I set myself a goal of working with Farmak.

My diploma projects studied resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics, dealt with creation of drugs to overcome this resistance. I devoted much time to research in biosynthesis of surfactants in industrial waste.

I would receive offers from other companies, but I aspired to my goal of getting a position at Farmak. Immediately upon graduation, I sent my CV there, passed several interviews and joined the team of the Microbiological Lab at Farmak.

At the new workplace, I started with detailed studies of documentation in this direction and visits to production units and laboratories. The position allowed me to study the processes of drug manufacturing “from the inside”. Having mastered the nuances of drug manufacturing, I was transferred to the position of a lead engineer at the Quality Control Department where I supported the sampling processes and did outsourcing for the Lab with the contracts and government laboratories, retesting, etc.

Two years later, I continued my career advancement as a senior risk management engineer, in which position I now collaborate with most of the Company’s divisions by assisting them in keeping risks under control and responding proactively to threats to quality. Moreover, I actively participate in introduction of new risk-based approaches to processes in the quality system of the plant with the world’s leading experts in the pharmaceutical industry. ⠀

My job is my calling, and I am happy to have an opportunity to work here, in the company of my dreams!