Environmental Protection

Sustainable environmental balance is a key component of the responsible business of Farmak. The Company's strategy aims to ensure efficient use of natural resources, environmental protection and safety.

We are well aware that natural resources are exhaustible, and do the best to preserve it for future generations. Therefore, we try to minimize the environmental impact. To this end, the Company has implemented the environmental management system in accordance with DSTU ISO 14001:2006 (Environmental Management System).

Farmak has realized major investment projects to mitigate the environmental impact. We recycle resources. For example, following materials were transferred for recycling in 2015: stretch film - 8.025 tons, waste plastic - 20.118 tons, glass scrap - 14.820 tons, waste paper and cardboard - 152.605 tons. The share of re-used water is constantly growing.

We accept responsibility for the environment and recognize importance of sustainable development, so we introduce innovative and energy efficient technologies. We understand that the environmental safety should be ensured at every production stage, so responsible attitude to environmental issues is among the top priorities of the Company. We care about eco-awareness and culture of our workers.

We are responsible for the environment!

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