Andriy Goy becomes Farmak’s Technical Director

Andriy Goy was appointed to the position of Technical Director. He has 15 years’ experience of working with the Company.

Andriy Goy started his career at the Company back in 2001 as an Engineer of Quality Assurance Department. In 2002, he was promoted to the Leading Engineer of the same department, and in January 2004, he headed the Validation Department. Since the beginning of 2012, he has been holding the position of Head of Research and Development Department.

Andriy Goy’s scientific and practical interests cover the following areas:

  • development of generics;
  • synthesis of active compounds;
  • research of original molecules;
  • biological products;
  • progressive engineering and technical solutions for the pharmaceutical industry;
  • production innovations;
  • technology transfer;
  • international standards and regulation of pharmaceutical activity.

Since 2004, Andriy Goy has been a member of international associations such as ISPE, PDA, AAPS and others.

For your reference, Grygoriy Kostiuk, who previously headed the Technical Directorate, resigned his position in late June and became a member of the Company’s Supervisory Board. 


Other news

Farmak becomes a partner to the public award for humanistic and noble activities in healthcare

On 09 August, 5 doctors and healthcare workers of Ukraine were awarded for professionalism and mercy with St. Panteleimon’s Order. Filya Zhebrovska, Head of the Supervisory Board of Farmak JSC and a member of the Honorable Board of the Order, participated in nomination of the best professionals.