Olena Zubarieva

Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainable Development Department

Jul 30, 2020

All processes are based on science

Ukraine has significant scientific potential: our scientists, known all over the world, have achievements in various areas such as neurophysiology, neurobiology, genetics, cell biology… But pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are among the most attractive areas for investments. The lion’s share of funds invested in these areas is used for research and development. The COVID-19 pandemic has once again proved that without scientists responding quickly to challenges, humanity finds itself in an extremely dangerous situation.

The Mission of our Company is to make the treatment with high-quality effective domestic medicinal products possible. To accomplish this Mission without the development of science and the introduction of innovative technologies is impossible. Farmak invests over USD 15 million in R&D annually. Today we are proud to employ 150 scientists, including 42 candidates of sciences and 5 doctors of sciences. Every year the Company launches 20 new medicinal products, and up to 100 multi-component medicinal products are under development. We have our own innovative R&D complex and the advanced laboratory. Vertical integration at Farmak – from API synthesis to the manufacture of finished dosage forms – makes it possible to control quality at all stages of manufacturing and reduce dependence on imported raw materials.

We are one of the successful socially responsible companies that is interested in developing the scientific potential of Ukraine. The Company actively supports young scientists, annually organizes the “School of Young Scientist”.

In 2019, Farmak published a book “Bude tobi nauka: ukrainski vcheni yaki zminiuiut svit” (That’s science for you: Ukrainian scientists changing the world), which contains the stories about scientists-natives of Ukraine, whose inventions have made life easier for every inhabitant of the planet. Farmak has also become a participant of Horizon-2020 program, having won two grants from the European project of basic research totalling more than EUR 500 thousand.

However, in our opinion, domestic science now desperately needs state support: system of grants, increase of expenses for research, scientific and technical activity, etc. After all, 0.24% of GDP provided for in the 2020 budget is many times less than, for example, in other European countries (about 2% of GDP). Ukraine ranks only 42nd by indicator “Research and Development”. So we have room to grow!

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